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How long will my pension fund last?

Find out how much you can withdraw from your pension fund, using different investment strategies, with our easy to use calculator.

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How much should you draw from your pension fund?

If you decide to leave your fund invested, you need to consider your strategy for drawing income. You may decide to aim for sustainable income for your lifetime or to use your fund to provide a higher additional income for the early years of your retirement >>>more here


Are Annuities value?

An annuity is a financial contract that pays an income for a fixed period or for a person's (and sometimes their spouse's and dependents') lifetime. The main subject of this article is lifetime annuities.

The first thing to understand about a lifetime annuity is that it is an insurance policy. So like any other insurance policy, you pay to cover a risk. With motor insurance, you pay to cover the risk that your car will be stolen or damaged. A lifetime annuity protects you against the risk of running out of money because you live longer than anticipated. >>>more here


What are the pension changes?

From April 2015, a number of significant changes took place in the way that people can use their pension funds.

A raft of restrictions were swept away and replaced with a new freedom to draw out variable amounts or, indeed, completely exhaust a fund if desired >>>more here


Do you need advice?

In my opinion, it is highly likely that you will need some advice if you are preparing for retirement and wish to make the best of you retirement savings. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the areas that you should consider and research, so that you can prepare properly for any advice sessions >>>more here


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