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The purpose of this calculator is merely to simulate the conditions detailed in the notes below the calculator and it should not be construed as providing financial advice of any kind.

Simply enter your fund value and monthly income required (no etc sign required). The calculator will then provide a range of simulations based on the assumptions below.

Income Calculator

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The publishers and designers accept no liability for the use of the calculator and its output. By using this calculator, you agree that its output does not constitute financial advice or any advice and the publishers and designers have no liability for your usage of the calculator or its output.

The calculator is designed with validation to prevent irrational input. Some web interfaces ignore this validation and irrational input will produce meaningless results.

Optimistic outlook is 7.5% growth from shares with a drop of -20% after ten years and every ten years thereafter, 3% from deposits.

Pessimistic outlook is 7.5% growth from shares with a drop of -30% after one year and every ten years thereafter, 3% from deposits

Calculation assumes that 98% of fund is invested to account for setup costs

The simulation assumes that investments are realigned with chosen strategy when income is taken and if investments fall in value.

Please note that the optimistic and pessimistic results shown do not represent, respectively, the "ceiling" and the "floor" for potential outcomes. Where they are useful, however, is in giving you a feel for the extent to which results can vary according to the assumptions we make. If we were to introduce more optimistic assumptions, then a given fund would last longer. Conversely, more pessimistic assumptions would see it run down more quickly.

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