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The purpose of this calculator is merely to simulate the conditions selected by the user and it should not be construed as providing financial advice of any kind.

Enter your chosen parameters in the boxes below. Please use figures only, no or %.

Your Fund Value:

% of fund in shares (leave out %) :
(remaining will be assumed invested in secure investments

Annual Growth % from shares :

Annual interest % from secure investments :

Monthly income :

Annual % increase in income :

% drop in value when share market crashes :

Month of first crash - eg 2 years 6 months = 30 :
(Calculation will assume a drop every ten year period after.)

I have read and understand the notes below.


The publishers and designers accept no liability for the use of the calculator and its output. By using this calculator, you agree that its output does not constitute financial advice or any advice and the publishers and designers have no liability for your usage of the calculator or its output.

The calculator is designed with validation to prevent irrational input. Some web interfaces ignore this validation and irrational input will produce meaningless results.

Calculation assumes that 98% of fund is invested to account for setup costs

The simulation assumes that investments are realigned with chosen strategy when income is taken and if investments fall in value.

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